Kim Kardashian Talks Kanye West, Tristan Thompson, & More On "Live!"


Kim Kardashian stopped by Live! with Kelly and Ryan and spoke on just about everything going on in the Kardashian world.

First up, it's no secret that Kim feels a certain type of way about Tristan Thompson. This time around she refrained from commenting on the scandal, but in the process of doing so, she spilled some more tea. More specifically, she said that after her Ellen interview in which she said the whole Khloe/Tristan situation was "so f*cked up," Tristan actually blocked Kim on social media. Kim did say that she does root for family, and therefore, seems to be rooting for them.


Kim then shifted to talking about Khloe and Kylie as new moms, saying that the three of them are "in a group chat 24/7," in which they talk about monitors, formula, and the usual baby things. She said that she gives the other two parental advice, but just recently, she had to rely on Kylie to help her out. Kim said that she was heading on vacation and couldn't put her stroller together, so she took Kylie's and had Kylie construct the new stroller. They've even jokingly talked about opening their own school for all their kids, to which Kelly pointed out, their own "sKool."


Kim also spoke on her surrogacy experience and said that she made sure to tell the surrogate who they were ahead of time so that she had the opportunity to back out if she was not a fan of the Kardashians. Kim said that she would be willing to have a fourth kid because she really enjoyed the surrogacy process.


Moving on to her husband, Kim said that Kanye is doing "really good" and that he is currently in Wyoming recording his new albums. Obviously West has been at the center of a lot of controversy with all of his tweets, Trump support, and claims that slavery was "a choice." Kim said that she received her first grey hair this week, and she appropriately is blaming it on Kanye, but besides that, she reiterated that he's doing very well.

It was a very insightful interview, and Kris even ended up joining the interview and talking about which kid was her biggest nightmare... SPOILER ALERT: it was Khloe, who would sneak out in the middle of the night. To see that clip and more from the interview, check out the Live! YouTube page.



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