Instagram Introduces New Emoji Slide Poll So That You Can Give Your Ratings


Instagram has just updated their Stories game once again. 

The popular social media app has now added really cool emoji polls, where you can slide the emoji and give your ranking on the question being asked.

Before this new innovation, you could add sticker polls, which only allowed two answer options and displayed the results as percentages.

The new emoji slider polls allow you to give more of a personalized answer to the question by ranking your opinion and not just choosing either one option or the other. And then you can see the average ranking of everyone who has voted.

@katcystephan Instagram

An Instagram representative talked to Bustle and said: "Polling has been huge for the Instagram community. We're excited to give users another way to interact, now with the playfulness and expression of emojis."

When making the poll on your Instagram Stories, you can select which specific emoji you want and then see how each person ranked his or her answer.

This is actually really cool, but WARNING, once you take your finger off of the poll, your ranking is automatically sent to the person who posted it and cannot be changed.



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