IKEA Could Be Opening A Hotel To Save An Iconic Building

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IKEA might as well already be a hotel with all of its beds, furniture, food courts, confusing hallways, etc.

Well, it might happen as IKEA is reportedly considering transforming a building in New Haven, CT into a hotel so that if shoppers want to make their IKEA visit a weekend trip... or if someone gets lost and can't find their way out, there will be rooms for customers to rent and stay in.


According to Bustle, the plans for opening a hotel was talked about at a recent meeting with the New Haven Development Commission. IKEA claims that there are no plans as of right now to transform the building, but the New Haven Independent seems to be very positive that the company is considering it.

The reason why IKEA would think about opening their first U.S. hotel in New Haven of all places is because there is an abandoned building not currently in use that is just mere yards away from the store's location. Also, the design of the building is very... funky? It's a very strange looking building, but it fits the IKEA vibe, so it's totally understandable as to why they would consider it.

Check out what the building looks like here.


The Pirelli Building has been abandoned since the early 1990's and people are worried that it will be demolished soon. If IKEA were to take over the building, there's no time estimate yet for when it would open or how much it would cost per night. The IKEA Hotell located in Ă„lmhult, Sweden, is roughly $56 a night, so it might be priced right around there, too.

I would actually be down to stay at an IKEA hotel... just as long as I don't have to assemble the furniture myself with IKEA's infamous picture instructions and tiny screw tool.



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