Einsten Bros. Is Now Selling Macaroni & Cheese Bagels


Everything bagels don't have quite everything when you consider Einstein Bros.'s newest bagel topping: Mac N Cheese.

According to FOODBEAST, the bagel bakery loads mounds of mac n cheese on top of their bagel dough, and then bake it all together.


The company partnered with Annie's, the famous mac n cheese company, and are using its recipe to make sure that the Mac N Cheese Bagel tastes insanely delicious. 

If you thought that was amazing, what makes it even better is that not only can you get this bagel with any type of cream cheese you want, you can also get it in sandwich form. FOODBEAST said that "these include a Cheesy Mac Breakfast sandwich with bacon, eggs, and cheddar, as well as a Cheesy Mac Lunch with ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo."

The Mac N Cheese bagels will only be out for a limited time throughout the summer, so swing by if your feeling this concoction. 



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