Häagen-Dazs Is Offering You Free Ice Cream This Month To Help Save Bees


It seems as though there is a free ice cream cone day every month. In March, Dairy Queen gave out free ice cream, and in April, Ben & Jerry's took over the duty of making everyone's month brighter.

This May, Häagen-Dazs is at bat with Free Cone Day, and this one is for a good cause.

According to Food&Wine, you can swing by Häagen-Dazs on Tuesday, May 8th and pick up a free ice cream between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. You can get any scoop of ice cream in a sugar cone, cake cone, or cup. 


And to sweeten the deal, the ice cream shop is holding the event to help save bees.

A statement from the company said: "One-third of Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavors rely on pollinators, but bees are disappearing at an alarming rate and need help. Over the past ten years, Häagen-Dazs has supported honey bee research and education by donating more than $1 million and working with ingredient suppliers, the Xerces Society and agronomists to create bee-friendly environments on farms where some of the brand's most essential ice cream ingredients are grown—such as almonds and strawberries."

The hope is that with the free ice cream cone, customers will donate to the Xerces Society and help save the bees. 

In fact, the company's efforts for bee preservation don't stop there. Häagen-Dazs has created a virtual reality experience called "The Extraordinary Honey Bee," which takes users through the problems of bee colony collapse, and the impact it can have on our world.

Häagen-Dazs is also working towards Bee Better Certification, "which is given to companies whose practices and ingredient sources benefit pollinators."

Good for you, Häagen-Dazs! I will definitely be picking up a free ice cream cone and I love that this is in support of saving bees!



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