Disneyland Is Selling Pickle Pizza at Pizza Planet & People Are Into It


Disneyland has recently transformed Redd Rocket's Pizza Port into the Alien Pizza Planet, obviously modeled on the famous food chain in Toy Story.

The new pizza place is celebrating its arrival with a very interesting new invention: pickle pizza.


According to Bustle, the pickle pizza is loaded with all sorts of unusual toppings. It has a sesame seed crust, and is loaded with ketchup, mustard, pizza sauce, American and cheddar cheese, tomatoes, beef patties, burger sauce, and, of course, pickles. 

I love pickles and I love pizza, so I'm interested in how this is going to taste. 


You can pick up a slice of this crazy pizza for $8.49, which really is worth it when you consider how many toppings your getting. 

In fact, if you need me, I'll be at Pizza Planet.



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