Disney Is Launching A New Food Network For Kids Called "Disney Eats"

Do you love the Food Network, but wish it was a little bit more... Disney? Well, you're in luck because Disney is launching its very own food-based network, and it's specifically for kids.

According to Food&Wine, Disney's new TV network, Disney Eats, is aimed at getting kids to eat healthier and excited about cooking.

Food&Wine also gave details on what some of the new shows on the network will be. One, “Kitchen Little,” will pair kids with celebrity chefs and teach them how to cook various meals. "Tiny Kitchen" will feature chefs making miniature versions of Disney foods, and then "Must Be Science" will explore the science behind making popular dishes. 

"Many of the shows featured on the network will focus on a concept called 'co-cooking,' meaning that kids will learn how to cook with their parents, and get introduced to the kitchen and hopefully excited about food," said Food&Wine.

CNBC says that Disney Eats has very strict nutritional standards that it must follow, which were put into place in 2012 by the Disney Digital Network.

But that doesn't mean the network won't feature an occasional very sweet treat. In fact, in the preview above for Disney Eats, we see that there will be cakes, cake pops, and pancakes. Basically, all assortments and types of cake.

Parents and kids can watch the network and practice cooking the meals together. And how about really getting in the Disney mood and cooking with some Disney cookware from the Disney Home Store? Why not go all out?

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