David Beckham Gets Surprised By His Son In This Sweet Video (WATCH)


Yesterday was David Beckham's birthday, and his son, Brooklyn, surprised him with the greatest gift... himself. 

Victoria Beckham posted a video on Instagram yesterday showing Brooklyn unexpectedly walking into the restaurant where his family was eating, surprising his dad and giving him the biggest hug.

David tearfully responds with "What are you doing hear?" as they embrace.


"Happy Birthday. I just landed... I missed you so much," Brooklyn tells his dad.

But if that moment wasn't sweet enough, in the background of the video, you can hear David and Victoria's daughter, Harper, exclaim "I didn't know Brooklyn was coming!" in her little British accent.

Everyone in the family was especially fooled because just earlier in the day, VIctoria had posted that she wishes Brooklyn was in town to celebrate David's birthday, when she was really behind the surprise the entire time. Very sneaky, Victoria. Respect.


I don't know about you, but I'm picking up the phone and calling my dad ASAP!



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