The Adorable Snowman Stand iIs Now Open At Disney California Adventures


A few months ago, we told you all about Disney California Adventure's new Pixar Pier, which includes soft serve stand: The Adorable Snowman.

Well, it is finally open, and it looks SO good.


According to The Disney Food Blog, it is one of the first food establishments to open on the Pixar Pier, and you gotta see the menu.

The Adorable Snowman sells soft serve, soda, floats, and more frozen treats.


Some of the soft serve flavors offered are the classic chocolate and vanilla cones, but there's also lemon.

If you are particularly drawn to the lemon soft serve, can we interest you in a "Pixar Pier Parfait"? It combines lemon soft serve with blue raspberry slush, as pictured above.

Or how about a "It’s Snow-Capped Lemon! Soft Serve"? This interesting treat takes the lemon ice cream and tops it with white chocolate.

There are also Root Beer Floats, if you want to go old school.

The soft serve comes in all different sizes and in cups and cones, and I fully intend on trying every single flavor and creation.



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