Kim Kardashian Reveals Some of the Other Baby Names She Had Besides Chicago


Believe it or not, the name Chicago West almost wasn't a thing.

Kim Kardashian stopped by Ellen to share her latest thoughts on everything going on in the wild world of the Kar-Jenners.

While on the show, Kim broke some news that Chicago wasn't necessarily her and Kanye's first choice in baby names for their third child. In fact, they were thinking of something a lot less... Kardashian.


From North to Saint, Reign to Dream, and Stormi to True, the Kardashian and Jenners are known for their unusual baby names, and Chicago is no different. 

However, Kim revealed that they were actually considering such names as Jo and Grace for their third child.


"We were gonna name her Jo, because of my grandma, Mary Jo, or we were gonna go with Grace," Kardashian said. 

The couple even thought of possibly naming their daughter after Kanye's mother who passed away in 2007.

"He really wanted his mother's name, and I love that name too, I just wasn't sure — it's so much to live up to."

But ultimately, they decided to honor Kanye's hometown and name her Chicago. 

"That is a place that made him and a place that he remembers his family from. I just felt like Chicago was cool and different."

And it's a good thing they did. Grace West just wouldn't sound right for a Kardashian baby.



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