John Legend Finally Embraced The Fact That He Looks Like Arthur (WATCH)


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen already have "couple goals" on their résumés, but now the dynamic duo are adding "meme goals" as well.

In a recent advertisement for the Google Duo app, Legend tries on many different outfits and video calls his wife who's in the other room to get her approval. Because... why walk?

John has a couple style missteps that Chrissy quickly and very bluntly shoots down in typical Chrissy Teigen fashion. Finally, he settles on a yellow sweater with blue jeans, and Teigen, like Teigen does, says exactly what everyone's thinking: "Arthur!"


John doesn't seem to like this comparison as he angrily balls his hand into a fist, and thus the real-life version of the infamous meme is created!


But this isn't the first time that Chrissy has compared John to Arthur and the viral meme. In February of 2017, she tweeted about Legend's similarities to the cartoon character.


Check out the full ad above and witness once again why everyone loves this couple.



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