Pop-Tarts Splitz Are Back and Better Than Ever with New Flavors


It was 6 years ago when Pop-Tarts broke our hearts and removed Splitz from grocery store shelves.

However, the clouds have opened up, the sun is coming through, and the pastry gods have graced us with a brand-new batch of Pop-Tarts Splitz.


According to Bustle, Splitz will be back in stores come May 2018.

Director of marketing for Pop-Tarts Angela Gusse said: "At Pop-Tarts, we love to give fans the varieties and flavors they love most, so we’re excited to introduce all-new tarts with two crazy good flavors side by side."

For all you youngens out there who haven't experienced the magic that is eating a Pop-Tarts Splitz, basically they "pair two different icings and fillings, side-by-side creating a two-in-one-of-a-kind toaster pastry, delivering a fun new way to enjoy this family-favorite snack."


So, what are the new flavors that will be perfectly connected to produce Pop-Tart pastry perfection?

The first flavor is a Sugar Cookie/Brownie Batter combination, while the other is a Strawberry Cheesecake concoction that will blow your mind.

Just like their predecessors, these Splitz do not intend to stay on the shelves forever. They are only here for a limited time, so get them while you can.



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