Taco Bell Unveils New Breakfast Taco Complete With French Toast Shell


It seems as though Taco Bell can make a taco shell out of anything. They've had Doritos taco shells, waffle taco shells, egg taco shells, and now... they're newest invention... french toast taco shells!

According to FoodBeast, Taco Bell has created their newest breakfast concoction: the French Toast Chalupa. 


The tasty taco will have a french toast shell, filled with scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage. It will be served with syrup on the side so that you can drench your chalupa in sweet syrupy goodness. 

BUT... as FoodBeast pointed out, it's missing one major ingredient: cheese. Normally all of Taco Bell's products and fast food breakfasts contain cheese, but the French Toast Chalupa has left it off. I guess cheese doesn't really mix well with french toast. 

The new breakfast is being tested in Dayton, Ohio right now and is being sold for $2.49.



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