Kristen Bell Says She Has Finished "Frozen 2" & "It's Very Good"


For the first time in forever, Kristen Bell is spilling some news on the Frozen sequel.

The actress appeared on today's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and she did not hold back in telling us what she couldn't tell us about Frozen 2.

"Well, you know, I can't say a lot because Disney has people everywhere," Bell said. "But, I have recorded the movie. There will be edits before it's finished... I know the songs, I know the stories—it's very good. I can't say much more than that or I'll get in trouble" 


According to E! News, the movie isn't supposed to come out until November 2019, which makes Bell's teasers even worse because we're gonna have to wait A WHILE till the film comes out.

Pro tip: If this Frozen anticipation is too much for you, just listen to the soundtrack on repeat until the songs start to annoy you again, and then you'll be fine.



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