McDonald's Is Replacing Plastic Straws With Paper Straws In The U.K.

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McDonald's has really been doing its due diligence recently to make the world a better place. Last month, we reported that the company is making their Happy Meal menu healthier, and now, it's getting rid of plastic straws to help the environment.

On Wednesday, McDonald's U.K. tweeted that they would start to introduce paper straws and take away the plastic ones.


The food franchise will be eliminating plastic straws from 1,300 of their restaurants.

According to Food&Wine, the plastic straws that McDonald's currently use are recyclable, but rarely do people actually recycle the straw instead of just throwing it in the trash, which then contributes to the landfills and can end up in the ocean.


In an interview with Sky News, McDonald’s U.K. CEO Paul Pomroy said that "customers have told us that they don’t want to be given a straw and that they want to have to ask for one, so we’re acting on that."

The company also plans to get rid of the plastic lids "within the year" as well.

Hopefully, the U.S. stores can jump on the bandwagon and help lessen our plastic use.



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