The Starbucks Happy Hour Is Back And Fraps Are Half Off


What could make Starbucks even better? Happy Hour!

The coffee company is bringing back their Happy Hour specials, but... there's a catch. 


Back in 2010, Starbucks first launched their Happy Hour program, according to Food&Wine, but it just lead to long lines and the baristas overloaded with Frappuccino orders.

Now, the company is changing things up a bit because the special is now by invitation only. In order to be invited to a Happy Hour, you must be signed up on the Starbucks app. The reason behind this is to try to reduce the long lines in stores during the special hours. 

To make up for the invite-only rule, Starbucks is putting all espresso drinks at 50% off between the hours of 3 p.m. and closing for the lucky few who get invites that day. Sweet!


So how will you find out when you will be able to enjoy Starbucks Happy Hour perks? You will be notified on the app or through email if you get an invite. There is no word from the company on how many invites they will send out per day.

The very first Starbucks Happy Hour will be this Thursday, March 29th, and will last throughout the entirety of summer, so hopefully you will receive one of those lucky invitations to enjoy some inexpensive espresso.



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