Taco Bell Releases Line of Mild and Hot Sauce-Flavored Tortilla Chips


Taco Bell's newest invention seems like a hot choice, but you won't be able to buy them at actual Taco Bell locations.

The fast food joint just released their own line of sauce-flavored tortilla chips available at your local grocery store.

There are Mild, Hot, and Fire-flavored chips, along with a Classic flavor for those who aren't into the spice life.


According to Food & Wine, "the chips are crunchy and salty, and there’s a flavor profile here for every type of snacker." 

The website also reviewed each of the flavors, saying that the Fire-flavored chips are bright red and have a little bit of a kick, but it's not as intense as such hot sauces as Tobasco sauce. The Mild-flavored chips have "a cheesier flavor and isn’t in the least bit spicy," according to Food & Wine.


Definitely go pick up some of these for your next big party, but remember you CANNOT get them at actual Taco Bell locations. You have to instead go to your local grocery store.



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