The Crown Paid Claire Foy Less Than Matt Smith Even Though She Was The Lead

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A Netflix producer just revealed that Claire Foy, who played the freaking Queen of England on a show ABOUT THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND, was paid less than her male counterpart, Matt Smith. 


Both Claire and Matt played Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip on Netflix's hit show, The Crown

Vulture writes

The reasoning at the time, Mackie explained, boiled down to prominence: Matt Smith was an international figure due to his leading work on Doctor Who, while Foy was relatively unknown to viewers outside the constraints of the United Kingdom. “Going forward, no one gets paid more than the Queen,” Mackie clarified, signifying Olivia Colman will be getting the biggest payday when season three begins filming. (If you’re curious about specifics, Foy was reportedly paid $40,000 per episode.)


Naturally, people were NOT HAPPY. 


Here's the even more unfortunate part. 


Ugh. Can Netflix just pay her the difference? She deserves it!



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