Report: Toys "R" Us Could Be Closing All Of Their Stores Very Soon

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The days of being a Toys "R" Us kid may be over as soon as next week.


According to CNN Money, several reports claim that the bankrupt company could be completely shut down very soon. 

Not only will millions of little kid hearts break because of this news, but also the wallets of major toy companies. 

Hasboro shares fell 3.5% this morning, while Mattel went down 7%. Lego also reported their very first sales drop in thirteen years.

These toy companies rely on Toys "R" Us because it is the last large toy store, and it accounts for 10% of toy company sales. Without the store to promote their toys, companies are going to struggle to sell and promote anything but their most recent and popular products.

So what will Mattel and Hasboro do without Toys "R" Us? Well, there are rumors of a possible merger between the two companies in order for both to stay afloat.

The world of toys will certainly be suffering a major blow with Toys "R" Us gone.



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