Freeform Is Bleeping Out Women Saying "I'm Sorry" (WATCH)

In case you didn't know, it's International Women's Day. Not only are we celebrating women today, but we're also pushing women to be BETTER. 

Freeform is doing just that to celebrate today. The network is bleeping out women saying "I'm sorry" on air and their social platforms today. 

Now if you're sitting there like "Alex, why is saying 'sorry' a bad thing? Isn't that a good thing?" You would be right. It is a good thing to say sorry... if you've actually done something wrong

The problem is, so many women say "sorry" because they subconsciously feel like it will soften their opinion or them speaking up because so often when we do speak up, we're called "bitches" or "bossy."

Freeform broke it down in this helpful picture. 


I often struggle with this myself. It's how we're wired, but I'm going to be working on it starting today!

Check out the awesome promo they made for it below!



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