Queer Eye's Tom And Abby Didn't Get Back Together After All

If you haven't been watching the new 'Queer Eye' on Netflix let me tell you how much you are missing out. 

I ugly cried watching episode 4 last night. It is the most wonderful and feel good show on TV and streaming serviced combined right now. 


No one can handle the goodness of it. 


If you haven't watched episode 1 yet, this post may confuse you. To everyone else, I have some bad news. 

Remember Tom? The sweet southerner who kept saying "you can't fix ugly" and was trying to win back his third ex wife and love of his life, Abby? 


Well it looks like they didn't get back together after all. 


Honestly, love is dead. I am ruined. 

I wasn't the only one upset either.


But Tom wants you to know that he's doing okay!


Someone in Dallas, Georgia please become Tom's special lady. 


Also, make sure you check out "Queer Eye" on Netflix now!



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