Coca-Cola Rolls Out Georgia Peach & California Raspberry Flavors

How cute are these bottles?


The Coca-Cola fam is getting two new and very tasty additions. 

We already had the classics like Diet Coke and Coke Zero, then we had Cherry and Vanilla flavored. 

Well, now joining the Coke Crew are... Georgia Peach and California Raspberry.


According to Food & Wine, the soda company has not added a new flavor since the arrival of Vanilla in 2002, so this is a big deal.

Coca-Cola said that the two flavors were "locally-inspired." They are only sold in glass bottles because duh, everyone knows that Coke tastes better out of a bottle.

Coke always seems to craft the most perfectly refreshing concoctions, so I will definitely be swinging by the market on the way home from work and chilling out with a few of these this weekend.



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