Celine Debuts It's New Plastic Bag That Sells For $590

Listen, I am a big believer in "let people enjoy things." 

I always hate when people mock fashion choices or someone else's art, but I draw the line here...


According to Bustle, Céline had their Spring 2018 runway show, and debuted their newest item: a $590 plastic bag.

Guys. A plastic bag. I'm not talking about those super cute clear purses, I am talking about a basic ass plastic bag. 


Now, say you really want this $600 plastic bag, I should let you know that it's only available at the Céline x Nortdstrom pop-up shop in Seattle, Washington until May 29th. 

Hey, look at the bright side. You no longer have to pay 10 cents per bag every time you go to the market because you'll have your very own $590 plastic bag... I'm kidding. Please don't do this.



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