McDonald's Is Removing Cheeseburgers From Their Happy Meal Menu

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When you think of McDonald's, you think of those delicious fries, McFlurries, McNuggets, but most importantly, you think of cheeseburgers. Well, apparently the famous fast food franchise is removing cheeseburgers from the Happy Meal menu.


Now, before you get mad about this, it's actually for a good reason. 

According to the Washington Post, McDonald's is looking to make their Happy Meal menu much healthier for kids by promoting bottled water as the default drink and fresh fruits and vegetables as the side. This also means removing the cheeseburger from the menu and making the chocolate milk less surgary.

If you're still really upset by this, calm it down because you can still order the cheeseburger Happy Meal, but it just won't be on the physical menu. McDonald's hopes that by not having it as a visible option, less people will order it. 



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