Chloe Kim Tweeted She Wanted Ice Cream During Her Olympic Competition

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Chloe Kim. 

She's a 17 year-old snowboarder from Torrance who won her first gold medal yesterday and just is an all around kick-ass girl. 

I mean, look at these moves. 


Just when we thought we couldn't stan for her any harder, her passion for ice cream is literally the only thing I can relate to. 

The gold-medal snowboarder is such an ice cream fan that while competing in her competition, she tweeted that she "could be down for some ice cream rn." 


And her pursuit of ice cream didn't stop there. According to USA Today, the first thing she said after winning the gold medal was "I want my ice cream." 

In case you're wondering, her favorites are vanilla Swiss almond and mango sorbet, but after NBC's Olympic account tweeted a poll asking which flavor of ice cream she should eat, she was completely cool with Cookies and Cream winning. She definitely a girl after my own heart.

Now, can someone get this gold medalist some ice cream?



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