Kesha Recalls Meeting Ariana Grande On The Set Of 'Victorious'

Photo: Getty Images

Kesha was given the chance to reflect on a fun moment from the early days of her career. During a recent interview, the singer was asked about guest starring on an episode of the hit Nickelodeon show Victorious in 2011. In the memorable episode titled "Ice Cream for Ke$ha," Victoria Justice's character Tori and "her friends team up with André in his attempt to win a private concert performed by Ke$ha, which is sponsored by an ice cream company," per a plot summary on IMDb.

"I have not thought about that in a hot minute," she laughed after the interviewer called it the "most iconic Victorious episode of all time." She continued, "You think it's iconic?" After Tori and the gang manage to win the contest, Kesha— back when her stage name was still stylized as Ke$ha— performs the song "Blow" right in Tori's living room. Taking a trip down memory lane, Kesha revealed that working on the show is actually how she first connected with fellow pop star, though not at the time, Ariana Grande.

"I did the Victorious episode and that's the first time I met Ariana Grande," she recalled. "And I ended up writing with her." According to Keshapedia (I really love the internet sometimes), the two teamed up for some non-album Ariana singles called "Pink Champagne," and "La Vie En Rose." They were apparently intended to be included on her debut album Yours Truly but didn't make the cut.

In other news, Kesha just released one of the freshest albums of 2023. Listen to Gag Order on iHeartRadio!

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