Glowing Neon Blue Waves Are Back In The O.C.


Photo: AFP

According to the O.C. Register, glowing neon blue waves are back in the O.C! The bioluminescence waves are created by photosynthetic organisms swimming upward toward the light, and creating a thin dense layer near the surface. At night, bioluminescent dinoflagellates, when disturbed by waves, a passing boat or even a sea creature, make the water look bright blue. An O.C. resident was able to capture a video of this and says:

Last night in San Clemente I was able to film some really good bioluminescence! The waves were glowing like crazy and pretty consistent with that gorgeous glowing blue. I really love this shot in particular because of the perspective. My first time filming a bon fire and bio in the same shot! I’ll be going back tonight so if you’d like to join check my stories and I’ll update everyone there! 

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