Selena Gomez Labeled As The Most Positive Celebrity On Social Media

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Photo: Getty Images Europe

According to KoiMoi, a website called has ranked these celebs for using their social media platforms to positively affect other's decisions! Here's the Top 10 celebrities:

Selena Gomez: Positive: 38% Negative: 19%

Dwayne Johnson: Positive: 36% Negative: 23%

Katy Perry: Positive: 35% Negative: 22%

Taylor Swift: Positive: 33% Negative: 25%

Ariana Grande: Positive: 30% Negative: 21%

Cristiano Ronaldo: Positive: 29% Negative: 32%

Rihanna: Positive: 28% Negative: 29%

Kylie Jenner: Positive: 28% Negative: 29%

Justin Bieber: Positive: 28% Negative: 23%

Kim Kardashian: Positive: 23% Negative: 33%

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