El Monte iPad Pilot Program Helps Kids Learn Before They Can Use The Device

Students from the El Monte City School District were gifted iPads at a giveaway event on July 13th. These iPads are unique because in order to play games on the device, the kids must learn before they have some play time.

"Normally, an iPad would just let you download games, but this iPad, you have earn it," said Leonardo Herrera, an elementary student with the school district. "You have to be able to answer math equations and reading equations to just play."

According to ABC 7, the iPad has a unique app called Learn It To Earn It and it hides all other apps and games on the device. Students must complete educational modules to earn credit time in their bank in order to have some playtime. Victor Joseph Smith, CEO of the app, has degrees in child development and psychology and has been working on the app for six years. The app also helps kids to be self-disciplined, think critically, and manage their time.

Smith raised money in order to gift the iPads to the students and the settings can gear the app for kids from kindergarten through fifth grade. Each app module is about 15 to 20 minutes long and the topics include math, science, history, an reading.

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