MAR Rocks Her Style In Alluring Music Video “QUÉDATE”

June 17th saw MAR drop her first-ever music video “QUÉDATE”, firing up romantic vibes and letting the audience be the witness of an ecstatic love story. The song captures the fleeting moment of infatuation that one is caught up in and entertains the notion of whether we should give in to the temptation. MAR’s music video is set in a gorgeous sandy beach where she sings and dances and, ultimately, meets a stranger who she’s drawn to. Well-directed and unbelievably cinematic, the clip perfectly fits the song with its mellow pop sounds and Latin beats, already over a million views in less than 2 weeks.

No newcomer to the industry, the Latin Pop Queen has been performing since 2014, her journey taking her to numerous stages and countries. MAR is a natural with the mic while her self-published song only proves her skill with songwriting, KISS FM confirms. The artist also has a background in modeling with several memorable highlights until 2013, when she totally rocked Honda Center in Anaheim California. Now MAR is more than ready to take on the world with unique music that is all her own, check out her old out upcoming performances where she will take the stage during Live Nation’s Qué Ganas De Verte Marc Antonio Solis tour

“I was exposed to concerts, rehearsals, recordings, instruments, etc., that was the great magnet and the ‘cal’” that prompted me to start writing songs while taking my classes… I feel music deeply within my being and I am very excited to immerse myself in the unique language of each instrument and musical genre, I think we all have it inside.” Indeed, MAR has all it takes to make it big, including a one-of-a-kind perspective on many things, being the young artist she is, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

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