Here's How Much You Would Save If There Is A Gas Tax Holiday In California

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According to NBC Los Angeles, President Biden asked Congress to suspend their gas taxes, and also called for states to suspend their gas taxes! This would cut 18.4 cents per gallon off the price of gas and 24.4 cents per gallon off diesel fuel! Here's how much you could save if federal or state government temporarily suspended the taxes at the pump:

If you fill up approximately 4 times/month in California, with an average tank size of 12 gallons:

At your current state average ($6.36/gallon), you would spend $915.84 over 3 months without any gas tax holiday.
If there is a federal gas tax holiday ($0.184/gallon), you would save $26.50 over 3 months.
If there is a federal gas tax holiday ($0.184/gallon) and a state gas tax holiday ($0.511/gallon), you would save $100.08 over 3 months.

Use this calculator to track your specific savings!

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