Saweetie Teams Up With Crocs For Icy Jibbitz Collaboration

Calling all Icy Girls! 🗣 Saweetie has teamed up with Crocs to launch an Icy Jibbitz collection.

The collection will be based on the Icy Girl herself, which will have snowflakes, butterflies, "Icy Season," and more. The Icy collection is available today until 12pm ET on June 24th and you can click here to enter for a chance to buy the limited edition five-pack of charms that you can pair with some Crocs.

“My fans can now put the icing on any outfit using the Jibbitz charms I designed alongside Crocs—one of my favorite brands and one that values self-expression as much as I do,” Saweetie said in a statement. 

Go to Complex for more or click here to visit the virtual store.

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