Tributes Pour Out For TikTok Star Cooper Noriega After Sudden Death

Photo: Getty Images, Instagram/@cooper.noriega

TikTok star Cooper Noriega died suddenly on Friday (June 10), causing an influx of tributes on social media from some of his closest friends. Among those who paid their respects were Dixie D'Amelio, Jaden Hossler, Sabrina Quesada, Nessa Barrett, Josh Richards and Amelie Zilber.

Noriega was found unconscious in a mall parking lot outside of Los Angeles, according to TMZ. He died after paramedics were unable to revive him. Sources told TMZ that Noriega was not in a car and there were no signs of trauma on his body. No foul play is suspected at this time.

He was 19 years old.

The news of Noriega's death came hours after the social media star posted a TikTok with the caption, "Who else b thinking they gon (die) young af 😅." The TikTok community was shaken by this news, causing a flood of heartfelt tributes for their friend Cooper, who had 1.7 million followers on TikTok.

Nessa Barrett posted a lengthy Instagram post, calling Cooper "my best friend forever":

i’ve spent the past two days trying to comprehend how this could be real. there’s simply no way of processing the loss of ur best friend. i’ve been trying to understand how life could possibly still have meaning with u gone. a part of me died with u. but what’s left of me is going to live for u. i’ll spend the rest of my life finishing everything we’ve ever dreamed of. i want to make u proud. u had the biggest heart i’ve ever encountered on this earth. a heart way too big for u to even carry. for so long it was u and me just simply keeping each other alive. our bond was like no other. no one understood me the way u did. u saved me. u saved so many people. it broke my heart knowing how much pain u carried when u were such a light to this world. i’ve always been so amazed by ur strength and how u carried ur self. even in ur darkest times u were nothing but the kindest and most caring human being. u were heaven sent cooper. i’m convinced god sends angels to walk this earth to help heal people and u were one of them. u were always my guardian angel. i’m living everyday for u. it’s all for u. i can’t wait to see u again my sweet boy. my best friend forever, rest in peace. 444🕊

Jaden Hossler shared two videos on Instagram alongside his best friend Cooper with the caption, "life without you isn’t life it’s just something I can do until I see you again." Travis Barker commented on the post, "Rest In Paradise Coop 🕊✝️💔."

Josh Richards also shared a lengthly post on IG, saying Cooper was the "brightest soul" he's ever met:

Cooper. My brother, I have so many things I still want to say to you. I’ve been trying to process the fact that this worlds lost you. You where the brightest light in every room you stepped into and had the kindest soul I’d ever met. All you did was care for others, you would spend any amount of time or drop anything you were doing just to listen and be there. I’m going to miss the late night seshes with the boys where we’d talk till the sun came up. Actually it was probably more you talking our ears off making us all laugh until we simply crashed. You never wanted to let a moment go to waste. Our countless balcony talks starring up at the stars and finding as many unreleased juice wrld songs as we could. I’ll never forget our time together. You were always there to check up on me man, I couldn’t of asked for a better friend. I love you brother❤️

Cooper's ex-girlfriend Sabrina Quesada also shared a post on social media. "the light of my life, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. i’m so sorry my love. may we meet again," she captioned the post that included four photos with Cooper.

Amelie Zilber commented on the post, "Those we love never truly leave us…There are things that death will never touch. We love you so much, Sab and are so devastated by this loss. Sending you strength and courage and light❤️." Charli D'Amelio also commented, "i’m so sorry sab i love you."

Dixie D'Amelio performed at the Puma store on Fifth Avenue in New York City on Friday night, but struggled to get through her performance. Holding back tears, Dixie said, "A friend of mine lost his life yesterday," according to Page Six. A source said Dixie's management offered to cancel the show, but the show went on because she didn't want to disappoint her fans.

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