California Bill Proposes Allowing Cities To Extend Nightlife Until 4AM

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According to ABC 7, a California Bill proposes select cities in California to extend their nightlife to 4AM! State Senator Scott Weiner of San Francisco proposed the bill over the weekend, and it would extend the sale of alcohol from 2AM to 4AM! Scott Weiner took to Twitter to say:

It’s Friday so time to announce something FUN, like extending nightlife to 4 am! Specifically, I’m partnering with @MattHaneySF on new legislation (Senate Bill 930) to allow, but not require, 7 pilot cities to extend to 4 am alcohol service at bars, restaurants & nightclubs.
No, it won't lead to mischief & mayhem. But it will lead to better, more diverse & more interesting nightlife in the cities that decide to participate. It will also help the nightlife sector, which has been battered by the pandemic.

Scott Weiner's plan is to do a 5-year pilot program for 7 California cities including: West Hollywood, San Francisco, Oakland, Palm Springs, Fresno, Coachella and Cathedral City! Scott also says:

Before people start asking 'what about my city?!' - we're happy to add other cities if they request to be added. So advocate away at your City Hall.

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