Chihuahua Found In Desert Springs With An Arrow Through Its Neck Will Be Ok

Photo: Riverside County Animal Services

According to the LA Times, a chihuahua found in Desert Springs with an arrow in its neck is expected to survive! The 4-month old chihuahua was found with an arrow in its neck by a Riverside County Sheriff after a woman heard the pup crying. Veterinary Technician Ivan Herrera said "It was purely a superficial wound" and that the pups vitals arteries were not affected by the arrow. Ivan Herrera also said:

“Surprisingly, she did not give us any trouble considering she had an arrow stuck in her neck,she’s lively, wagging her tail like a puppy and barking for our attention,”.

Animal Services Director Erin Gettis has said:

“For someone to willfully shoot this poor pup with an arrow is disgusting, we are shocked, and we hope someone can provide us any information as to who did this. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to treat this puppy and work on finding her a suitable home.”

Veterinary technician Emily Ellison says

“It’s amazing to see her affection, despite what occurred. She is such a sweet puppy. I cannot imagine why anyone would do something so terrible to such an innocent creature. It’s very sick.”

If you have any information about the incident please contact Riverside County Animal Services at (951) 358-7387 or via email at

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