Shawn Mendes Collabs With Tommy Hilfiger To Bring New Sustainable Pieces

Today Shawn Mendes announced that he is partnering up with Tommy Hilfiger "to bring more sustainable clothing to the forefront."

He's teamed up with the iconic brand for their 'Classics Reborn' campaign to wear sustainable pieces throughout his upcoming tour, 'Wonder: The World Tour." He is also co-designing a capsule collection to bring recycled materials and environmentally conscious innovation to Tommy Hilfiger classics, which is set to be released in 2023.

The 'Classics Reborn' campaign will launch on May 16 and to help move towards a more sustainable future in the music industry, Tommy Hilfiger will be donating $1 million to ease the environmental impact from Mendes's tour. This movement is in hopes to make the tour more climate positive by cutting CO2 emissions by 50% per show compared to his last tour in 2019.

A portion of the $1 million donation will be going towards the funding for regenerative cotton farming which is an important long-running part of the designer's commitment to sustainable fashion. Go to Esquire for more.

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