Could Dave Chappell Be Facing A Civil Suit After Being Attacked On Stage?

The man accused of attacking Dave Chappelle during his comedy performance Tuesday night will not be facing felony charges but according to a legal analyst, Chappelle could face civil liabilities from his attacker's injuries.

If you have not seen the footage yet, 23-year-old Isaiah Lee ran on stage and assaulted Chappelle while he was wrapping up his comedy set at the Netflix Is A Joke show at the Hollywood Bowl. Immediately Chappelle's security team tackled Lee and the attacker could be seen leaving the venue on a stretcher with what appeared to be a broken arm and some bruises on his face.

"If the threat was over and he was no longer a danger, and had been restrained, they can not take revenge on Mr. Lee," said legal analyst Alison Triessl. The Hollywood Bowl or promoters of the show could also be facing a civil liability because although they did a pretty good job of confiscating people's cell phones they did miss a replica gun knife that the attacker had on him.

Even though Lee is not facing a felony charge, the Los Angeles County District Attorney for George Gascon's office did charge him with four misdemeanor accounts. Go to KTLA 5 for more.

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