LAUSD To Pay For High Speed Internet Access In Every Student Household

Asian girl student video conference e-learning with teacher and classmates on computer in living room at home. Homeschooling and distance learning ,online ,education and internet.

Photo: Getty Images

According to LAist, LAUSD will pay for high speed wired internet access for every student household, for 1 year! Superintendent Albert Carvalho says:

“Access to digital content, with universal, ubiquitous, high-speed internet should not be dependent on a crisis or emergency.”

In addition to paying for high speed internet access, LAUSD will purchase another 100,000 computers & laptops to students by this Summer! Any LAUSD family can sign up for this program, regardless of income! Families who are interested in signing up for the service can visit this LAUSD website or call (213) 443-1300.

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