California Leaders Commit To Protect Abortion Rights With Amendment

While everyone's focus was on the Met Gala yesterday, there was a leak that had shown a draft document of how the US Supreme Court will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, which is a case that made abortion legal nationwide.

The decision has yet to be finalized but could happen in the next two months and today, US Supreme Court Justice John Roberts confirmed that the document was legitimate. The whole country has been in an uproar since finding out that Women's rights are at stake because no one has the right to tell what a woman can do to her body.

Late last night, May 2, California leaders came together to put an amendment on the ballot for this November that can "enshrine the right to choose" in California.

"We know we can't trust the Supreme Court to protect reproductive rights, so California will build a firewall around this right in our state constitution. Women will remain protected here," said Gov. Gavin Newsom, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins in a joint statement.

According to KTLA 5, Newsom's office plans to put the amendment on the ballot this November and will need to move quickly because they have to vote on it before the end of June so there is time for the state officials to print it on the ballots. Stay tuned to KIISFM for all the updates.

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