Drew Afualo Sparks Debate Asking What's The Worst Astrological Sign

When talking about astrological signs, a lot of people have so many opinions about which ones are the worst, *cough cough Scorpios🥴,* and which ones are top tier.

Well earlier today on Twitter, Drew Afualo sparked outrage when she asked, "what's the astrological sign that gets an immediate 🙁 from you?!" she continued to say that a lot of people usually say Scorpio or Gemini but Drew voiced what she thought and said its Capricorn. The internet went crazy and immediately "Capricorn" started trending on Twitter.

Check out her tweets below (warning some might contain some explicit content) and some of the responses she got saying they either agree or feel attacked.

Annd if you don't know who Drew Afualo is from her infamous TikToks, she is a very outspoken boss girl who reacts to videos on the internet when men try to degrade women.

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