Here's Tips On How To Get The BEST Stage View At Coachella

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Weekend 1 of Coachella is here, and getting the best view possible is a MUST. Here's some of our tips and tricks to be close to the stage at Coachella!

1. Wait at one stage all day.

This one is pretty self explanatory, and the easiest way to guarantee yourself front row for your favorite artist. If you are dedicated enough, make sure you are at the festival when doors open and run straight to the stage that you want to be close at! For example, Harry Styles is playing at 11:35 p.m. on the Coachella stage this Friday. If you really want to be front row for Harry and you are willing to sacrifice missing every act on the other stages, get there early and camp out at the Coachella stage. Just note that it will be around 12 hours of waiting.

2. Form a human chain with all your friends.

The easiest way to push through the crowd is to form a chain with all of your friends. Have one friend lead the way, and follow behind hand-in-hand. Hold on tight — if one friend falls behind, they may be split from the group for the particular set.

3. Take note of the stage set up.

Some stages change throughout the day at Coachella. If you take the time to really analyze the area and determine where you can squeeze in as they adjust barricades, you could find yourself in the front for her set!

Here's the festival map!

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