WATCH: KTLA Reporter Catches A Hit-And-Run On Camera

A KTLA5 reporter was in South Los Angeles talking about a deadly hit-and-run collision that happened there when a car accident occurred right behind him on Thursday afternoon.

The reporter, Gene Kang, was in the area of Hoover and 84th streets reporting on how that area has been having a lot of incidents of traffic collisions since the pandemic began. As he was reporting, you can see a car coming fast from the residential street without stopping and slam into a car from the ongoing traffic on the street. The car speed away back into the street they were coming from and it is unknown if the driver stopped afterwards.

"Our security guard Walter Mann yelled 'get back' and we moved as the car came racing towards us. It veered away at the last second and T-boned the car," Kang said, according to KTLA5.

The crew then called 911 to report the crash and the officers told them at the scene that the driver was involved in a previous crime and was trying to get away. Officers were able to take off the license plate that fell off the car during the crash. Go to for more.

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