Here's Where You Can Find Cheap Gas In Los Angeles

Gas prices have been going up like crazy these past couple weeks in Southern California and right now they don't seem like they'll be going back down anytime soon due to the ongoing supply chain issues with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to KTLA5, the average price per gallon for regular gas statewide is $5.44 as of Tuesday. If you want to find out where you can find some of the more cheaper gas, you can check out GasBuddy to find gas stations near you with the lowest prices.

Below are the top 10 gas stations with the lowest prices in the L.A. as of today brought to you by GasBuddy:

  1. Rocket Oil station at 1701 W. Anaheim St. in Long Beach ($4.79)
  2. Costco at 2200 E. Willow St. in Signal Hill ($4.89)
  3. 76 station at 790 W. Holt Ave. in Pomona ($4.91)
  4. Costco at 12530 Prairie Ave. in Hawthorne ($4.94)
  5. Chevron at 21095 Golden Springs Dr. in Diamond Bar ($4.99)
  6. Costco at 21800 Victory Blvd. in Woodland Hills ($4.99)
  7. Chevron at 27774 Hawthorne Blvd. in Palos Verdes ($4.99)
  8. Sam's Club at 4901 Santa Anita Ave in El Monte ($4.99)
  9. Costco at 12324 Hoxie Ave. in Norwalk ($4.99)
  10. Costco at 17550 Castleton St. in Industry ($4.99)

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