LA City Council Nury Martinez Declares Feb. 18th Patty Rodriguez Day In LA

LA City Council Member Nury Martinez Declares February 18th Patty Rodriguez Day In LA! Nury says:

"We love Patty, and she's been making history since the beginning. Almost 2 decades sharing stories of Mexican-American immigrants in LA. Patty is such a trailblazer and anywhere you see her you can connect with her story. Tomorrow February 18th will be Patty Rodriguez day in LA!

Patty Rodriguez penned this emotional letter:

Los Ángeles, I love you. I don’t know what else to say but thank you. LA Council President Nury Martinez, an entire day!!! Patty Rodriguez Day in the city of Los Angeles!!! I don’t know what exactly that means, but I am grateful beyond words. What an unbelievable dream this is. What an honor. This city is the best city in the world and these last 17 years, being part of the #1 morning show in the world have been nothing but a dream. Los Angeles, you made this girl's dream come true. Dreams she would have never imagined of ever dreaming. Hija de inmigrantes cargando sueños en su corazón y hombros. Los Ángeles, I have been crying all day. So many emotions. So many memories. And as I say goodbye to this show tomorrow, know I am forever yours. And i told my kids that mommy has her own day in LA now, they asked if they can take the day of. And I said: absolutely!

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