Check Out These Black-Owned Small Businesses

Celebrate Black History Month by checking out some of these black-owned small businesses in Los Angles!

Actively Black - The premium athleisure wear brand was founded by Lanny Smith, a former professional basketball player, this brands mission is to "re-invest back into our communities and to improve the mental health and physical fitness of the black community." Check out their athleisure wear on their website here.

Jeanetta Gonzales - This girl is an L.A. based graphic designer who specializes in patterns, branding, lettering and illustration. Check out her website here.

Jungalow - If you are in need of adding some cute decorations to your home or apartment, check out Justina Blakeney's website which includes furniture, accessories, rugs, and apparel.

Lamont's Body Butter - Keep yourself moisturized and head over to and purchase some hand-whipped body butter made in L.A. The elite moisturizer is made of natural butters, grapeseed, vitamin e, and essential oils.

Nyakio - Nyakio Kamoche Grieco recently launched her skincare line at Target, which was inspired by her family beauty traditions.

Offerings - If you are in need of flowers for delivery, weddings, events, and workshops, check out Schentell Nunn's business here!

The Plant Mon by Easton Garden Designs - If you are a plant parent, then you want to check out this spot that carries a variety of plants. Check out their website here.

Torch L.A. - Claunesha "Cjay" Jones created a coconut-wax candle where "luxury meets eco-friendly." Check out the candles on her website here.

The Underground Museum - This spot is a family-run business which sells books, t-shirts and more. Check out their website for more info here.

Check out the more small businesses at the Los Angeles Times.

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