Youth Mentoring Presents Miles of Music 5K


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This week EJ talked to Tony Lore founder and CEO of Youth Mentoring, Joshua Lau COO of youth mentoring and Michael Williams. They discussed their upcoming event "Miles of Music 5K"

Youth Mentoring Council is something near and dear to these men's hearts. It is about teaching kids skills for their adult life. Teaching them to be successful in their adult career. It is about learning with the kids instead of talking at them. Post pandemic these skills are more necessary than ever. Kids have been self isolating for so long and need to re-socialize. This program works with getting the kids back into the world.

There are 5 pillars to this mentoring. 1- Our gift(use your gifts to begin healing). 2- Our rights of passage (bringing back ancestral practices to initiate kids into a sort of family). 3- Creative Expression(using creative outlets like music, film or dance). 4- Instant Community (using group mentoring so children feel they are apart of something larger) 5- Innovative Mentoring (we customize our way of mentoring to better help these children)

The Miles of Music 5K Run is happening soon as well! This event has been sponsored by KIIS FM. This event will happen Sunday April 3rd from 8am to 12pm held at Griffith Park. With an awesome KIIS FM show, food trucks and more.

If you want to volunteer for this event head to

If you want to volunteer for the Youth Mentoring Council head to

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