These Mistakes At The Airport Are Costing You Extra Money

When going on a trip, majority of travelers try to stick to a budget when finding deals for flights and hotels. However, other travel expenses, such as what we spend at the airport, are often overlooked .

Personal finance experts are sharing some common mistakes travelers make when at the airport that could be costing them extra money. Here are some mistakes and advice for you to watch out for on your next trip.

  • Paying for expensive parking instead of looking for parking alternatives with shuttles.
  • Spending too much on checked bags instead of packing light or prepaying for checked bags online.
  • Forgetting to bring a reusable water bottle and having to pay for an overpriced one at the airport.
  • Going shopping where prices are higher than normal.
  • Packing wrong things in your carry-on instead of checking the website to find out the restrictions.
  • Missing out on free amenities through your airline loyalty program or credit card.
  • Buying snacks on the plane instead of buying them at the airport or bringing TSA-friendly snacks
  • Booking an expensive car rental right away instead of comparing prices.
  • Taking an Uber, Lyft, or Taxi instead of checking for free or cheap public transportation at the airport.
  • Forgetting to budget unexpected costs if something goes wrong.

To read more in depth about what you can do to help avoid unnecessary costs while traveling, visit the HuffPost.

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