Metro Bus Fares Resume in L.A. After Being Free During the Pandemic

According to the Los Angeles Times, the L.A. Metropolitan Transportation Authority resumed collecting fares for bus lines this week.

Since the pandemic began in March 2020, passengers have not paid a fare to ride the bus and were allowed to board in the back of the bus to maintain a safe distance from the driver. Thousands of Angelenos have been taking the bus for free but in order to keep the Metro system running Metro has said they must reinstate the bus fares.

The fares may not go back to the original price as they were before the pandemic hit but one way fares for rail and most bus lines will remain as $1.75 and the fares for certain express buses will still be $2.50. If you do transfers within two hours to other Metro lines, the fares will still be free.

Metro has also launched a two-year pilot project which offers free rides for K-12 and community college students. The project is called the GoPass Fareless Pass Program and allows students to ride for free anywhere they choose.

To learn more about the Metro bus fares and programs they offer, visit the Los Angeles Times.

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