Here's 19 New California Laws You Need To Know About For 2022

Los Angeles City Hall, California, USA

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California lawmakers have now implemented 19 new laws that will start in 2022! Here's a full list of them:

  • SB389- To-Go Alcohol Sales will remain in place through 2026!
  • AB1276- You will now have to ask for Ketchup and Spoons at a restaurant, these items will no longer be handed out without being requested.
  • AB37- All active California voters will be automatically mailed a ballot in all future elections.
  • Stealthing is BANNED! "Stealthing" is the non-consensual removal of a condom.
  • Spousal Rape, if convicted will receive mandatory jail time, and must be added to the sex offender registry.
  • SB9- Streamlines the process for property owners to add second units, etc.
  • SB10- Eases environmental review process for cities rezoning properties near public transit.
  • SB487- Eases restrictions that tie square footage of a building to lot size.
  • AB701- California is the first state to ban massive retailers from firing warehouse workers over quotas that interfere with rest breaks.
  • AB1084- All major retailers will have to have a gender-neutral toy section.
  • SB221- Requires insurance companies to decrease wait times for treatment for mental health or substance abuse.
  • AB490- Prohibits police from using restraints that could suffocate a suspect.
  • AB48-Bars police from firing rubber bullets or tear gas at protesters in non-life threatening situations.
  • AB89- Raise the minimum age to become a police officer to 21.
  • AB958- Allows departments to fire officers for joining a law enforcement gang.
  • AB26- Requires police to report to agencies when they see another police officer using excessive force.
  • SB16- Police records related to excessive force, misconduct, unlawful searches, etc. will now be made public.
  • SB81- Requires judges to give more wait to factors such as childhood trauma when sentencing.
  • SB73- Mandatory minimum sentencing for drug related crimes that are non violent will end.

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