Cup Noodles Is Giving Us Something No One Asked For: Soup Flavored Soda

We all know Cup Noodles. You know the Styrofoam cups of noodles you used to eat in college instead of just going down to the dining hall? Yeah, those Cup Noodles.

Well Nissin Foods, the company that sells these noodles, is giving their wildly popular product a new medium. They are making...soup...flavored....soda...

Flavors will include a ginger ale type soda with hints of salty and peppery sauce. As well as seafood, curry, and chili tomatoes.

Listen I love these flavors in my food but in a soda? I don't know? I guess we are gonna have to try it!

What do you think? Are you excited for these new flavors or are you gonna stick with these flavors in your soup?

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